2019 Colt Starting Clinic

2019 Group photo
2019 Group photo

Our annual Ron Wall & Youngstar Stud Colt Starting Clinic is a great 4 days which we look forward to each year and 2019 did not disappoint!

2019 was our 5th consecutive Ron Wall & Youngstar Stud Colt Starting Clinic and wow, spots filled fast!! This year saw participants travel as far as from Winnellie (NT) and Charleville (QLD) to join in this great experience. We started 18 Colts this year.

We were so excited for this weekend to arrive. What a superb opportunity to learn from such a great teacher and horseman, Ron Wall.

On day 1, participants were either allocated a Youngstar Colt or bought their own. Over the next 4 days of the clinic they, under supervision of Ron, took these unhandled horses, established ground work, saddled, backed and by day 4, rode their breakers out in an open paddock. How awesome is that!!

We really enjoyed seeing the participants and their horses learn, grow, gain confidence and trust in each other - the end result speaks for itself! But really, most of all, we love seeing everyone have a great weekend!

So, with smiles all around and this years breakers now back out in their paddock for a spell, we start to count down the days until our next Ron Wall & Youngstar Stud Colt Starting Clinic - February 2020!

For information on the annually held clinic and to view some "happy snaps" of previous years clinics, please follow the link below.

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